Ekitt Postcard






UI/UX Design/ iOS & Android Application/ Backend

Ekitt is a mobile experience focused project since its core value is about Travel. The client is a passionate traveller who always wants to share love and experience with friends from anywhere. Fontech helps design the minial steps for users to easily tweaking the photos by a variety filters and a feature for unique signature. Now available on App Store and Google Play.

Ekitt Postcard

Send your love and experience from anywhere while travelling.

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How Ekitt Works

Take a beautiful picture while you're traveling.

Use Ekitt to create your unique postcard and share your trips with friends.

Let Ekitt send your card and love from anywhere.


Edit Your Photo

A built-in variety of filter options that helps you tweak the photos beyond the limits of cameras.

Sign Your Special Signature

Missing the old charm of written-message? We built a feature for Ekitt to empower users signing handwritten signature.

Payment Method

The worldwide trusted payment method removes the friction and enhance the purchase experience.